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President – Karen Carter

Vice President – Jeff Lovin

National Director – Dr. Srini Dharmapuri

Secretary/Treasurer – George Leshkevich

Board of Directors

The following changes to the Roster for the Eastern Great Lakes Region take effect January 31, 2014:

President – Ms. Karen Carter
Vice President – Mr. Jeff Lovin (Woolpert) (was elected for 1-year term)
Immediate Past President – Mr. Jim Peters, CP
Secretary Treasurer – Mr. George Leshkevich (was elected for a new 3-year term)
National Director – Dr. Srini Dharmapuri (Michael Baker, Jr.)
Regional Director – Mr. John E. Lesko II, CP
Regional Director – Mr. Michael Joos (Michael Baker, Jr.) (was elected for 2-year term)
Regional Director – Mr. David Alvarez (Woolpert) (was elected for 2-year term)
Media Coordinator – Mr. Jim Peters, CP
Membership Chair – Ms. Karen Carter

2014 Calendar

International LiDAR Mapping Forum
Denver, CO
February 17-19, 2014

EGLR 3rd Annual Dinner Meeting

Pittsburgh – Columbus – Ann Arbor
February 28, 2014

ASPRS 2014 Annual Conference

Louisville, KY
March 23-28, 2014


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