Summary of 2012 Fall Technical Meeting At The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio


The Fall Technical Meeting for the EGLR at The Ohio State University was well attended. This was the first time in the EGLR history that we used twitter during the meeting and broadcast the meeting via Adobe Connect. The Adobe Connect Sessions were hosted by OSU.

A benefit to using Adobe Connect, we are able to provide links below to full recordings of the morning and afternoon presentations.

Prior to accessing the meeting recordings, there are two prerequisites you will need to check on your computer:



You will see the following presentatons:

  • Morning session is moderated by Karen Carter (BAE Systems) and Dr. Carolyn Merry (OSU)
  • Karen Carter – “Membership Initiative”
  • Bill Sharp (Optech) – “Optech’s New Cameras”
  • Changlin Xiao (OSU) “ESA ExoMars PanCam Geometric Modeling”
  • Brian Stevens (Woolpert) – “State of Ohio LiDAR and Imagery Program”


You will see the following presentatons:

  • Afternoon session is moderated by John Lesko (Woolpert)
  • Dean Merchant (OSU) / Darnell Banks (Midwest Aerial) – “Review of New Camera Calibration Test Range for Aerial Camera Systems per forthcoming ASPRS guidelines compared to USGS specifications”
  • Daniel Ngoroi (Woolpert) – “LiDAR from Point Cloud to Surface”
  • Yeosang Yoon (OSU) – “Improving temporal coverage of SWOT using spatiotemporal kriging”


If you are having problems viewing the Adobe Connect recorded sessions, please email Jim Peters (Vice President – EGLR)



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